Science and the scientific method are the best tools human have to learn about reality and truth. And everyone agrees, that's why quacks use term science to justify their claims.
Here you can find shortcuts to my posts about the science and scientific method, together with the tips and advice on how to apply this high-level type of critical thinking to some of the everyday situations.

Everyday science

Science and Democracy
Solar eclipse
Science, the liberal conspiracy
Nikola Tesla
UFO research
Climate Change
Climate change and consumerism
Instinct for science

Use of scientific method

How to use science to improve health
Anecdotal evidence
My true geekiness is shining through
Is water on Mars = Life on Mars?
Importance of Errors
Trust in Science

Science literature and sources

How to read a scientific paper.
How to read a scientific paper 2
How to read a scientific paper 3
How to read a scientific paper 4.0, 4.1, 4.2 4.3


Cats and Calculations
Science, not silence
Behind a scientist
Behind a scientist - David H. Hathaway
Behind a scientist - Dr. J.J. Eldridge

Example of scientific research

How does scientist work
Why do we need to research obscure subjects?
First step - setting the research question
Data and MistakesDetecting the sound from images
Working correlation code
Why Wavelets?
Dimension of the problem
Edge Effects
Hmm, that's funny
Scientific approach
Feature Recognition
Science Funding
Squirrels - biological research