21 June 2020

Writing as non-native speaker

The start of this blog will sound superfluous. I’m as any other wannabe writer. Voracious reader, read and written stories since childhood. 
I published my first short story when I was 19 in my native language, but then civil war broke, and my writing ran, not merely to a back-burner, but got buried and forgotten in the basement.
Not that I fled the stories. No, I love stories, and enjoy reading/watching stories every day. And Star Trek and science fiction stories were part of the thread that kept me sane during the war. Those stories helped me preserve some hope in humanity and future. 
Finally, I revisited that basement, and I got an idea of writing in English. And my long trek towards that goal started.
Before I began with the writing adventure, I already spoke the English language well. I had to, as a scientist. I had to write scientific papers in English. I had to give public talks and lectures in English. I attended grad-school lessons in English.
But that knowledge was not sufficient for writing. When I started writing stories, I learned that I still have to work on my English. I imbedded my writing syntax and logic into logic and syntax of my native language. And I’m still fighting with that issue. Seems like it is a never-ending struggle. 

So, in 2018 I published my first fan-fiction story, and it elated me. Not much because fan site published my story, but because editor corrected a handful of my words, and added that the rest is perfectly fine for reading. 

That gave me a boost to continue. Now I’m writing a bunch of short stories and submitting them to the magazines. And with every story, I’m learning more, applying what I learn and seeing my short story adventure as a test of my English language. When I get good enough in English, I will sell the original fiction story, not just fan-fiction. 

I’m still taking courses, immersing myself into writers' community, and visiting the writer’s conferences. 
Right now I’m taking part in Summer Festival of Writing, organized by Jericho Writers. It is an online show, which I find a blessing now. It is easy to take part, and it reduces all expenses to the ticket price. It is harder to socialize and make connections, but somehow acceptable for the first attempt at the attending a writer’s event.
And I just completed the Workshop, online, from The Writers of the Future. So I’m continuing with my efforts. And who knows, maybe I will sell the story this year…

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