07 March 2020


This year, for the first time in ages, I managed to get a chance to buy a pass for the San Diego Comicon. So I'm going. 
And of course, I will go in a costume. 
The only issue I have now is to find a costume that is decent enough for a person rich in years and cool enough for the hot San Diego summer. 
It's not easy to find an appropriate cosplay model. 
In essence, I'm looking for a summery female costume that is not made for a male gaze. Because costumes made for the male gaze are not comfortable at all. 
Because I will walk for a long time around the San Diego Convention center and other venues around it, the costume really needs to be comfortable and breathable. 

So I looked all around the Star Trek for something that fits the description, because I am Trekkie after all. And the closest thing I found was Jadzia's dress she wore on her hen night.
The dress ticks all requisites for the San Diego Summer, and I could wear it too to Las Vegas Star Trek Convention.
But I'm not too fond of the color. The dress is not my style, it is too old-fashion, too nineties. Meaning, I would not be able to wear it in everyday settings.

Then I got an idea to go over my DVD's of the Dune. After all, that is the book that I read and re-read over and over again. And I found there a neat costume too, one Irulan had in the garden when she was talking with Jessica during her visit to Arrakis. 
And I got hooked at this one. First, it fits my own style, meaning I would be able to wear it every day. I like the colors. It is perfect for summer (Arrakis is a desert planet after all). It is comfortable, and it is not made for the male gaze, i.e., it is not sexy. And I already have a pattern for this costume (i.e., patterns I have can be easily adjusted to make the costume.)
But, when I chatted with Fresca, I promised her that I would go for Star Trek costume. And I do need Star Trek costume for Las Vegas Convention. Plus, this one will require way more fabric, and more specialized fabric than Jadzia's dress, meaning it will be more expensive to make. 

So although it is clear that Dune costume is in the lead, I still did not make the decision. All will depend on my ability to find a pattern that can be used for Jadzia's dress. I can make clothing, but I still need patterns. With a pattern, Jadzia's dress would be easier and cheaper to make. 

And in the end, there is a simple internet search test for the costumes. I can very easily google for images of Jadzia's dress. Still, that particular outfit Irulan wore does not come up in any internet search. To get a photo of that one, I would actually need to take a picture of my tv while Dune's DVD is playing. These are also factors to consider. Shall I go with a more known costume or less known one?

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