08 July 2019

Pity the rich

A few months ago, I read in one of my philosophy books that we should pity the rich because they never have opportunities to develop themselves and truly learn what kind of person they are.

At first, this sounded like an abstract philosophical hypothesis— that I could only imagine how it would be correct. But then I met a gaggle of rich heirs from Beverly Hills, and evidence was there. I cannot give specific details of the interaction due to the requirements of my current job. But I can describe general impressions, like mouth open wide while an rich heir is trying to figure out how come people he usually considers servants are actually forbidding him to do what he wishes.
Each member of gaggle was adorned with brands, stuffed in new expensive vehicles, and spotted perfectly trimmed hair in the latest fashion ( I assume since I’m not really fashionable. )
There were around ten of them, and although all of them were in their early twenties, they were hopelessly incompetent. They were not only ignorant of basic stuff every average twenty years old knows, but they didn’t even think to do some research for themselves to prepare for the novel situation. Each interaction with them led to confused faces who were stumped with the sudden revelation that they are prerequisites for them ‘having a fun day at a lake.’ Apparently, even a legal requirements were unknown to them. Something that basically simple google search could tell them.
Behavior like that is excusable if someone is preteen or just teen.
When I was their age, I knew how to get information if I’m venturing in some new activity.  Today that’s even easier with internet availability on the tip of your fingers. Yet, for them, the very idea of researching something one does not know was foreign.

Surprisingly, the ancient philosopher was correct, especially when humans born into richness are considered.
Maybe that’s why wealthy parents needed to buy enrollment for their kids in that latest scandal that still is going through courts.
Seeing such incompetence also clicked with my history knowledge. I always thought that aristocracy declined because peasants got fed up with the situation. But all we have to do is look at North Korea to see that people can suffer a lot and that few tweaks and brainwashing techniques can stop them from organizing.
Now it seems plausible that bubble wrap of money that protects rich heirs it also limits them. And those limitations are precisely what caused aristocracy to crash. Being protected by their bubble wraps and thinking they are special because they are born rich doomed them.
In the end, I really did feel sorry for the rich. Because they are truly dependent on this particular social system surviving and keeping them in their money-made bubble wrap.

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