04 May 2019

Officially started looking for the new doggie.

As I wrote my own pup died a few months ago. It was hard, but the grieving process took its course. And now I'm looking for another dog.
I miss good times doggies bring, more and more each day.

Fun in the snow


Paddling. Funny thing is connected with this photo. We were making a slow tour around the lake, stopping here and there and letting Lytle sniff. At this particular place, we stopped a bit longer. He got bored with us just sitting there, so he went to the kayak and sat at his place, and started calling us to go.

Another less mentioned good side of the dogs is their enthusiastic help with many spills and food messes. Here you can see both of my sous-chefs. Each time I cook, I have two of them staring at every my movement. I trained both to stay out of the kitchen because the last thing I wish is to trip over one of them and spill the hot liquid on them. But boy, if I spill something all I needed to do is call the dog, and a spill would disappear. I have to be honest, I did not realize how much I got used to that particular doggie service until it stopped.

Of course, there was negative stuff, like Lytle's obsession with cat poop. This was a place where we had a cat door leading to the laundry room with the litter box. One day, we left Lytle alone at home, while we went grocery shopping. He ate the door so that he can get to the litter box, and of course, got stuck inside because the hole is not very big. I still have no clue how did he manage to squeeze himself in, but we found him inside the laundry room. He could not get out. I guess he was lacking a right motivation.

There were things we had only with Lytle.

He was a ring bearer at our wedding.

He was also there encouraging our cat during the leash training. The poor pup was so excited the first time when the cat got a leash, but later he learned that cat's idea of a walk is a boring one and quickly gave up on the idea of having a cat pal for walkies.

Here I just wish to mention doggie seatbelt. I'm often appalled by people allowing their dogs to freely walk around the vehicle, or even worse in the truck bed. First thing I did when Lytle became my responsibility to get a doggie seatbelt. An additional benefit was to keep him in the back seat, without him trying to climb in front with my husband and me. In time he learned that seatbelt means going for a ride and having loads of fun. Unfortunately, he also learned that if he pulls slow he can elongate the seatbelt and put his nose into our necks. So we belt did not keep him in the back seat.
Yeah, smart fella.

 I'm looking forward to the new pup, and watching every single Cesar Milan episode just to get my doggie fix.

Right now, I'm looking at the listings at local shelters and consult my husband about the potential candidates. We are waiting for the response on one inquiry, but if that one fell through we will simply go directly to the shelter and just get a dog there. Big dogs are often abandoned and shelters are full of them.
It will be hard not to take all of them with us back home.

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  1. Beautiful dog. RIP And yes, you do need another dog, just for the kitchen situation alone. :-)