12 January 2018

Climate Change


A few days ago I read about the rapidly closing window of opportunity to save corals and coral reefs. The bleaching is getting worse and worse because the consequences of global warming are here. I love coral reefs and seeing them is on my bucket list. Learning that I might miss an opportunity for good saddens me.
I am standing with the scientific consensus on the issue of global warming. Actually, I always have. Knowing the scientific method, it was easy for me to examine studies and figure out which ones followed the scientific method and avoided logical fallacies in their conclusions. And guess what, those are exactly the same studies that convinced 99% of scientists, that global warming is real. So now, I am one of the scientists that are warning humanity about global warming and its consequences. We really need to get our act together. Now.
I was silent before because I had nasty experiences with trolls first time I mentioned global warming on Twitter. The troll came, started commenting on my twit. He started politely, but as soon as I pointed out that his ‘evidence’ is not scientific, the attacks started. Of course, troll’s attacks very soon end up as attacks on me personally, although he never met me. I'll be honest, if he did meet me, he would be able to say way more nasty things.
Anyway, I fended him off by repeating several times the same phrase. “You’re not a nice person. You did not convince me. I will not pollute.” Until today, I’m surprised how these trolls think that being offensive and nasty can motivate anyone to change their opinion. It’s like they never bothered to meet and get know humans offline.
But this interaction took a toll, I avoided the subject for a few years. Oh, I did my best to keep my word about not polluting. I have solar panels, EV, and a bunch of small strategies with the goal to reduce my impact on the environment.
Now I decided not to be silent anymore. There is too much evidence of anthropomorphic global warming. There is too much evidence of the negative impact of pollution on human health to stay silent. I get it that most of the deniers are steeped in ideology and adamant not to even try to accept scientific evidence. So this post is not targeted at them, I consider talking with such people waste of time. Their ideology is part of their identity so they perceive facts about the reality of global warming as a personal attack. And thus they are unable to change opinion.
No, instead I wish to talk to you who admit that there is global warming, but think that the effects of it will not be visible for decades. The catch is, effects are here, now. We are already living with them and they will get worse and worse.
I get it, it is hard to reduce carbon footprint. It means changing life habits, it means changing the consumerist approach to the economy. I still struggle myself. Despite all the actions I took, I never stopped polluting completely. But guess what, if a majority of us change habit or two, it will work. The rest of the world already showed it will work. Thanks to the actions China pushed in the last period, global carbon output is leveling off. And most of humanity did just small changes.
So, actions do have an effect. Why not continue? We collaborated globally to remove the danger to our ozone layer, and it worked. Ozone is recovering. So, Why not do the same with global warming?
And for those ones who keep whining about growth and economic. Well, besides USA government and one of USA major political party, everyone else knows that market is already turning away from the fossil fuel, and that future and correct investment strategies will be in clean energy solutions. So if you’re planning on investing long term, pick clean energy solutions.

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