13 December 2017

Nikola Tesla

Recently I watched a documentary about Nikola Tesla. I watched the documentary because it is a view about Tesla from a completely different source. It is one of the tactics I use to determine the Real from the False news.
Nikola Tesla is my countryman, we both are coming from the same ‘tribe’. So I grew up listening to one side of the story about him. The story which was heavily peppered with the politic and ideology. So I wished to learn what is different in the American perception of Tesla.
Not surprisingly, all scientific stuff was the same. That’s one of the advantages of science it is the same where ever you go.
But the interpretation of his life events is different. As a kid, I learned that Tesla died in poverty because evil greedy Americans tricked him. In the documentary, it was said he ended up in poverty because he did not have any business sense.
Sadly, I have to agree with the American version. The culture in which both Tesla and I grew up, shunned money and considered greed one of the sins. So yeah, it is easy for me to see what happened. I bumped into a similar problem myself when I moved out of my country of origin. I had to learn and adapt to the different attitude towards money and what is considered honorable in the business world here in the USA. It was easy to see that Tesla never learned that lesson.
But the funniest thing was the part where the documentary talked about the HAARP microwave array. The array was based on some of Tesla’s patents, theories, and experiments. And even tested some of Tesla’s hypothesis.
And now a funny part. In the country of Tesla’s origin that array is seen as an ultimate evil. A true doomsday instrument used by the USA government to induce all these recent nasty weather events and sell it as global warming. Of course, none of them knows that bases for the array came from Tesla’s research. People in my country of origin would not dare to connect the two. Tesla is seen as some kind of saint, a remarkable person who could only produce beneficial things for humans. So of course, his patents cannot possibly be used for evil purposes like HAARP microwave array. I could not stop wondering what Tesla himself would think about this twist and silly conspiracies.
Another funny thing was the complaints of the upset people that all Tesla’s papers ended up back in his country of origin. The rather upset people complained of how important papers ended up in Russian hands. As proof, they showed satellite images of the USSR territories. Pointing at the location where an alleged attempt of development of the Death Ray in late 70’th of the last century was happening. The funny part is that I grew up listening from my teachers the similar whining. My teacher whined about the lack of the important Tesla papers necessary to develop that same Death Ray. Just my teachers were telling that the American’s stole the papers.
Guess what, now I seriously believe that the most likely truth is that Tesla never seriously developed the Death Ray. And the explanation is simple. He could not take into account the full nature of the Earth atmosphere and its behavior. After all, many of the discoveries in that field happened after his death. The documentary contained an interview with physicist, and that man said what I suspected to be the truth. Tesla made an error in estimation of how one can make energy transport through the air itself. We did develop the maximum from all of Tesla’s hypothesis. We do have the death ray’s (lasers). We transport energy through the atmosphere bouncing it off the ionosphere (radio). And the most important, both you and I are enjoying the light, and many other luxuries because Tesla made his AC generator.
I hope this post showed you how important is to consult several sources if you wish to get to the truth.
See, that is one of the tools of science. That’s why every scientific paper contains an overview of the previous results. And often, each paper covers all versions of the results, including the ones that oppose the claim of the author. In fact, one can gauge the honesty of the scientist by how that person treated the results which are opposing their own claim.


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