08 December 2017

Cats and Calculations

Well, for the last week I’m calculating weights for the feature recognition program. It goes slow, partly because this part of the code is not scalable and I’m running it on an old laptop.
The other reason is my error of not taking the environment in the account.
See I had to restart calculations two times so far. Once I went away from the computer without turning on caffeine to stop the computer from going to sleep. And a second time, because I forgot how attractive hot computer surface is during the cold times. My pet cat sat smack in the middle of the keyboard and not only managed to interrupt the code but somehow changed the settings for my dock.
I’m still wondering how the heck she managed to do that.
Anyway, right now, I have a method to cat-proof my laptop. I got myself an extra monitor, also I connected additional keyboard and mouse.
When my cat is around, I simply close my laptop, and thanks to caffeine app, it continues to work through extra monitor and keyboard.
Of course, I have to make sure to hide the extra keyboard away when I’m not there. And the extra mouse. Both go in the drawer, safely away from cat paws.
So far it works. I managed to run my calculations for several days non-interrupted. It is finally processing the last quarter of the training dataset, and the end is near.

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