09 October 2017

Rose Space Center


This last week I visited New York. Of course, I went to the Rose center to see the current planetarium show.
And I carried the book with me, Death by Black Hole by Neil deGrasse Tyson.
A few years ago, a student of mine told me how he managed to bump into Neil during the visit to the Rose Center and Neil signed him a book. So when I learn that I will go to New York, I grabbed that book and made sure to visit the Rose Center. Because one never knows.
I did not bump into Neil. Instead, I ended up explaining the exhibits to my step-mother-in-law and collecting a few curious people around us eavesdropping at my explanations.
Anyway, the show in Rose center is so nicely done that I would recommend you to pop in and see it. During the whole half an hour show in the planetarium, I was taking notes, because they used such a lovely approach in explaining the complex matters that I will definitely borrow some of the principles next time I have to answer similar questions.
And thanks to the long coast-to-coast flights, I read the book itself.
And loved it.
That same style of fun and straightforward explanation is preserved through the whole book. The book is fun to read, and it seems like Neil is sitting next to you, explaining the complicated matters in that familiar fun way of his.
I personally really liked that he touched the most annoying subject, the questions from creationists. Personally, I prefer to avoid them after that incident when one of them chased me around because I did not wish to accept that her preferable view of the universe (intelligent design) is true. I guess I should try to see how Neil is dealing with such questions because he admitted getting such questions at almost every public lecture he gives. Such knowledge could get handy.

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