01 September 2017

Hitchhiker guide through the galaxy

If you wondered at the pause in my blog posts, I went and watched that amazing sky show on 21st August. You know, the solar eclipse.

It was awe inspiring and strangely humbling. It struck me with a deep realization about infinity. Which brought to mind Hitchhiker guide through the Galaxy by Douglas Adams and the definition of the universe:
“The Universe is a very big thing that contains a great number of planets and a great number of beings. It is Everything. What we live in. All around us. The lot. Not nothing. It is quite difficult to actually define what the Universe means, but fortunately, the Guide doesn't worry about that and just gives us some useful information to live in it.
Area: The area of the Universe is infinite…”
During that eclipse, I’ve not only seen but also sensed that infinity. BTW. If you did not already see total solar eclipse make sure to see one before you die. It will be worth it.
Back to the book. Hitchhiker guide with all its 5 accompanying books is amazing work. The dry humor of the writing, the interesting twists in the descriptions, insights you will learn about our own society through that work are as amazing as that silvery wreath that appears during the total solar eclipse.
So this time I have two recommendation, do read Hitchhiker guide through the galaxy, and then take your towel and go see the next total solar eclipse nearest to you.


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