15 September 2017

Finishing my bench

I was quite slack on the reporting of finishing my first woodworking project. Not only that I finished the bench, but it got loads of use as well.
It still goes strong, with only one regret from my side. I pained the bench white. And in my high desert home, that means that I have to remove dust from it almost daily.
Ah well.
So to continue with my overview of building steps. Four days were enough to leave the board to adjust to the humidity levels in my area. For months after completion board did not curve, nor twist, nor did any strange stuff.
I sanded all boards and decided to make lovely curves on four of the 2x4 supports of the back. And there was my first mistake. I did not consult the plan before proceeding to use a belt sander to make the curve, and of course, I made a curve on the wrong side.
At the end that was easy to fix this mistake, by adding the curve on the right side, making my bench a bit unique. Instead of a curve on one-quarter of the backrest, it had curve all over one end.
The rest went easy. After all, I had full and detailed plans that I followed, and it was a breeze. Below you can see photos of my work, concluding with the end product.

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