17 August 2017

No, Nazism is not OK

My grandparents, both got medals for their actions in WWII

I’m appalled by recent events in the USA. I’m shocked by the reaction of Trump. So I have to say my piece.
I’m white but consider that neo-Nazi are deplorable humans. And there are several reasons behind my opinion.
First one is respect towards my own ancestors and history. I grew up in a country where damage left by Nazi is still visible. I grew up listening to the war stories and staring at the scars of my grandparents, scars from the Second World War. I remember, five years old me, being invited to touch a strange scar on my grandma's leg, a scar Nazi bullet gave her. I played in the shade of monuments to the WWII victims, read up the names of the victims who were related to me. My grandparents met during WWII, both fighting on the same side, against Nazi. I exist because my grandparents thought it is worthy to stand up against Nazi.
I am not Jewish, none in my family of origin is. Yet, I have relatives who died in concentration camps. See, Nazi did not just put Jews there. They only started with them. My ancestors bled and died to stop Nazi. I respect what my ancestors and their compatriots stood for, and what they did.
I simply cannot stay silent and not cry against neo-Nazi. And not just because of my family, my heritage, but also because I see the whole white pride movement as ridiculous.
The foundation belief for racism is ridiculous. Those people are proud of having certain parts of DNA. Something they could not control, something they could not cause. Basically, they are proud of other people deeds (their parents deciding to have a kid). They are proud of pure randomness of events that led a particular sperm cell to connect with a particular egg cell.
If one is proud of something like that, for me, that’s signal they never did anything worth mentioning. Not a single thing.
If they did, then they would be proud of their own deeds. Honestly, from my point of view, I would rather be proud of helping a baby sparrow not to be run over by a car than a color of my skin. (Yep, I actually did save a baby bird once.)
At least, saving a baby bird is something I did, not my parents. At least, that small act shows who am I, and does not appropriate deeds and decisions of other people.
One has to be quite useless if the only thing they can be proud of is a color of their skin. Something racist didn't even cause, something they cannot control. Basically, they are proud to be nothing.
That’s why racists hid before, covering their heads with white sheets, hiding their identities. All that ruckus against others means racists consider themselves are not good enough to compete. If they thought themselves good enough, they would not whine about increased competition. I met truly exceptional people, those never complained about giving a chance to someone else. Only the ones with limited abilities or simply lazy clamor for smaller talent pool. And I believe racists. I believe that really the only thing they can be proud off is something their parents did, nothing more. 
I’m glad people are identifying the racists who were in that march. I’m glad guys like me are standing up and point out that we do not share such offensive ideology. That’s why I’m joining my voice with them, saying racism is wrong. Nazism belongs in history, and we should put it back in the museums.


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