09 July 2017

Kitten Update

The story ended up with a positive spin. Kitten went back to its family.
People who grabbed the kitten first time left their info with the police officer, so my husband was able to contact them and ask them for exact coordinates where a kitten was found.
And turned out that, as expected, they made a mistake from ignorance. They volunteered to meet my husband and show them the exact location, even when that meant for them driving more than an hour through infamous LA traffic to reach the location.
So, with their help, my husband was able to find the den (basically home of the kitten) in the vicinity and release kitten into it. Around location, there were a bunch of the kitten tracks and fresh mom tracks.
So, at least now one family in greater LA knows for sure what to do when they find another baby animal in distress.
And just to stress how important is to actually call experts who know what to do with the wildlife, recently someone found a fawn stuck in the fence (there is a youtube video about it, it happened in Riverside County). They freed the fawn, and instead just releasing it there, with a bowl of water, they took it to a vet specializing in pets. The vet is filmed in video, how they help poor fawn. And vet was confused why the condition of the animal was deteriorating. Only then those people contacted experts for the wildlife and asked for help. But it was too late, the fawn died.
Wild animals are not pets. They are not used to people, they see us as a danger if we are handling them, wild animals honestly believe that we're just playing with them and that we will eat them. And you cannot explain to animals that you're trying to help them. Wild animals do not speak English. So do not handle them, inform local wildlife agency. They know what to do, and they will do whatever they can to help an animal.

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