15 May 2017

For the love of Spock

Recently I was listening to Mission Log podcast, and they had an interview with Adam Nimoy. Mind, I’m late with listening to that podcast, simply because I have a bunch of other obligations, so I’m a month, two behind. 

Anyway, Adam Nimoy is a son of Leonard Nimoy, an actor who brought to life a character Spock from Star Trek universe.
Before Leonard Nimoy died in 2015, his son and he started making a documentary about the Spock. Then, Leonard died, and his son, Adam, included his father biography in the same documentary, making it richer.
I watched that documentary last year, as soon as it was available on Netflix. And I loved it. It helped me develop more respect towards Leonard Nimoy as an actor and person, and of course, I learned a lot about what was behind one of my favorite characters from the Star Trek.
I will not write much about this here, but I will say that I warmly recommend you to watch this documentary, it is worth watching, and not only because amazing people who were interviewed, but also because it brings really lovely, a personal note from a human who just lost his beloved parent. 

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