31 March 2017

Fun Star Trek Podcast

I have a dog, which means frequent walks. And living in Southern California means that I waste loads of time in a car. So I listen to the podcasts.

Last year I discovered Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast. So this post is my rave on how awesome that podcast is.
The hosts are going through an episode of the Star Trek, giving interesting trivia, commenting on the episode and how the plot, performance and other little details fit together. They finish the episode by examining moral and messages, and checking does it stand, after all these years.
For me, they made the whole experience of Star Trek richer. At first, I was watching an episode before the podcast. But then I realized that I still missed loads of the stuff those guys mentioned. As a scientist, I tend to concentrate on scientific aspects presented in an episode, not at the morals and messages.
For instance in the TNG episode The Next Phase, I wondered how LaForge and Ro can stand on the floor and pass through the walls at the same time. But I never wondered about slight nuances about the death and the fact that Ro reactions were a bit forced, going from atheism to full-blown religion, back to the science. And I never wondered why that whole episode was simply forgotten in episodes afterward, so when Reggie asked Geordie about weird transport experiences in episode Realm of Fear, Geordie did not mention his incredibly weird experience with a phase shift. I missed that. The podcast did not.
So if you wish to learn about intricacies hidden in Star Trek episodes, I warmly recommend that you listen to at least one episode of this podcast. Even my husband who is not really big Star Trek fan said that this podcast makes Star Trek way more interesting. (I forced him to listen to the episode when we were driving back from camping.)

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