17 March 2017


I got a bachelor degree in general Physics, so during my university days, I developed a deep respect for the genius of this man.His autobiography gives an amazing insight into the workings of an incredible mind. It is a perfect illustration of how scientists think.
Most of the colleagues I met during my work as a scientific researcher were behaving like Feynman. Curious, exploring the world around them, learning new skills, running to check something they just learned about.
I have a little confession to make. Seeing such behavior described by the scientist, a man I consider the smartest US scientist, reassured me that I’m not a weirdo.
And I might seem weird, sometimes. When I got to the chapter in the book where Feynman described testing his nose, I put a book down and went to my own bookshelf to sniff my own books. 
Unfortunately, my husband is not as helpful as Feynman’s wife so I could not do the proper testing of my nose. Rubbing the book on one of my pets sort of gave me some results because there was a change in the smell of the book. But I’ve been one to rub the book on my dog and cat, and I knew which one I rubbed, so I cannot actually call that proper nose testing technique. (Yeah, and now you get a taste of the scientific thinking.)

A few months ago I read an autobiography by Richard P. Feynman, “Surely, you must be joking, Mr. Feynman! "

But behavior like these is not something seen among the average adults. After all, there is less than 1% of the human population that is involved in science. In my particular field of research, there are less than 2000 people on the planet that do Solar research. So now you know why I considered myself a bit weird.
Anyway, this nose testing is just one of the fun things from the book. The book will give you a taste of the scientific mind. Of course, Richard P. Feynman is a product of his time and environment, that influenced some of the described behaviors and views, but the basic curiosity and tendency to rush and experiment and learn new things, that is typical for a scientist.

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