14 February 2017

How does scientist work?

With this new administration, anti-science attitude came into the spotlight. The US always had anti-science, anti-intellectualism movement. After all, in the '30s of last century teacher was sued because he taught evolution in the school, and Isaac Asimov famously lamented about the dangers of anti-intellectualism in the world that becomes more and more technologically dependent.
I'm sick to my stomach because possible consequences of such attitudes, especially now when the current White House does not appreciate scientific evidence.
So I decided to do something. I will start a scientific project, astrophysics, and each week tell you in a blog post what did I do, and why did I do it.
I worked as an astrophysicist researcher for more than a decade, all up the time when traffic accident paused my work in 2013.
Now, I will continue to work on the research I started before the accident.
Here is the link for the publication I made about that research. And from next week, I will start to give you regular updates about how I'm going about continuing that research.
I hope this will help you see how real scientific work is done, and help you develop a bit of trust towards science.

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