24 October 2014

Distance Observations

helicopter_Marybeth Haydon

Did you ever wish to complete Distance Observations using all three observers? 

With this app, you can. It is made to make observations easy, using a smartphone tied to your observers. Your observers will be able to concentrate 100% on the terrain below increasing their effectivity.

With the enhanced tactile buttons and high contrast interface, this app is easy to use in moving helicopter.
Collected data are stored in SQLite database on devices, with the options of sharing the data.

The beta version is available for testing. If you wish to participate in testing, please provide contact details and explanation of why this app would be useful for you.

The app will work on older models of the iPhone.

Examples of an interface:

iOS Simulator Screen Shot Feb 2, 2015, 13.20.22

Entrance interface of the app with covered options.
iOS Simulator Screen Shot Feb 2, 2015, 13.21.32  

Interface for initial settings.
iOS Simulator Screen Shot Feb 2, 2015, 13.20.44

The interface where data are recorded. App records, time and geographical coordinates when Mark is pressed, Doe, Fawn, and Buck buttons adjust a number of the observed animals. Slider marks the perceived distance from the observer. And Enter saves the data and resets the form.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot Feb 2, 2015, 13.20.55

A partial overview of the saved data, not shown info from initial settings and geographic coordinates. These data are saved locally on the device as Core Data and are ready to be shared, with the source/person user sets.
Example of the saved test data seen with SQLite specific software:

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 09.32.31

If you are interested, contact me through the form on right.

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