16 June 2014

The Earth's hidden ocean

The widespread theory about how the Earth got its water was through the comets. The comets were impacting the earth in the early day formations and depositing the water on its surface.
Thanks to American Museum of Natural History
This newest study proposes alternative origin for the Earth water. Scientists proposed existence of the deep water reservoir in the mantle transition zone (410 to 660 kilometer depth).  They checked their hypothesis with laboratory experiments, numerical modeling and seismic data from North America. The fact that the tree different approaches gave the results confirming their hypothesis makes that hypothesis most likely correct.
For me, this hypothesis is interesting because of the implications it has on other rocky planets of our solar system, especially Venus. If subsequent research confirms this result, then there is possibility that there might be still water on Venus, trapped deep inside the mantle transition zone.
And that really opens doors to the imagination.

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