04 June 2014


As an undergraduate student, I witnessed my first solar eclipse. It was simply grand. I was part of the summer internship at DESY, Germany; and we all went to a local observatory where the whole event was celebrated. There were lectures, live observation of the sun through a telescope, and of course fun with the group of students I was with. Amazing event.
Well, there is a truly grand project, The Eclipse MegaMovie Project. This project will not only provide you with all the fun of the witnessing the solar eclipse, but also make you a part of the movie that will be made.
Anyway, the huge, the lovely, total solar eclipse that can be seen in US will happen in 2017. As a real nerd, I'm already planning where to go for camping, so that I can have neat observations. Yep, I'm a real nerd. :-)
So have a peak on the page, even just to see similar stuff they are doing with the Australian Eclipse, and start planning your next mission.  

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