10 June 2014

Eyesight and how not to get myopia (shortsighness)

This post is extra, motivated mainly by my own predicament. I'm shortsighted. And I was shortsighted since my early teenage years. My mother was telling me that reading too much at night will destroy my eyesight. I used books to put myself to sleep.
Then I learned, again through my Brain lessons, that we actually need to learn how to see. All babies are born longsighted, with a short eye, and that eye gets elongated during the childhood. How much depends on how child uses the eye. It takes far vision, and lots of it, to calibrate correct shape of the eye.
thanks to: www.cpmpleteeyecare.com.au
So if you have a kid between 3 and 15, make sure that they go out and look in the distance for at least several hours per day. I'm shortsighted because I preferred to stay in the house and read books, and my mother was too busy to take me somewhere where I would practice my distance looking. So my eyes grew too much. And it is not easy, nor fun, being shortsighted. Do not make the same mistake, take your kids somewhere where they can watch into distance a lot.

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