23 June 2014

Eat Broccoli

When I was in Bosnia last winter, I suffered a lot from the pollution there. The air was unbreathable. Really.
Thanks to Wikipedia
I guess, in some parts of China is the same. Most likely they have an enormous percentage of the population suffering from the effects the pollution has on their health. It was not surprising to find out that Chinese scientists  tackled the question, and tried to find out can an individual food item help people combat those effects.
They found that a certain components of the Broccoli sprouts, glucosinolate and glucoraphanin ca generate chemo-protective agent sulforaphane in our bodies. This component helps us to pee out the air pollutants we breathed in.
There is a catch, this elimination of the pollutants helps only with the ones we were recently exposed to. It cannot eliminate the pollutants that are already integrated into our fatty tissues.
What I really like in this study is that they used decent number of subjects. Recently, a lot of articles appeared  that claim some newly found correlation between a particular behaviour and our health. All of them use tens of thousand subjects in their statistics without even trying to fix for the nasty quality of the statistic: If you have a huge sample then you will find statistical connections between any two characteristics of the population you're looking at.
As a contrast, in this Chinese study, they used decent sized population sample; just large enough to get statistically significant result, but at the same time, small enough to avoid declaring utterly irrelevant connection as a result.  
All in all, this is a marvelous finding!
I do not say that because I like to eat all the plants from the brassica family, but because it is very simple solution for a serious problem.
You see, in Bosnia, although democracy is supposed to be there, people cannot make their ruling class care about their health. No one controls pollutants in the area. Pollution is a rampant. Unfortunately, Bosnia is not the only country with similar problems. There are many more.
So, now, at least, people who live in polluted areas will be able to do something to protect themselves.
Eat Broccoli.

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