09 June 2014

Aggressivity in Humans

Today, I read about news that sort of sounded like: 'ah, that so makes sense.'
Thanks to gettyimages.com
As a girl growing up, I was often puzzled by boy's aggressivity. But that was something one just had to accept as ubiquitous; especially when boys are around.
And today I learned that even facial features of males developed to accommodate that aggressivity. The news from anthropology, nicely put how stronger jaws started to evolve when hominin's hand changed enough so that fist can be formed. But this change is visible only within the male faces!
Additional consequence of this finding is that the theory of 'noble savages' is false. The main idea behind that theory was that humans became aggressive only when civilization corrupted them. To be honest, I was not supporter of that theory ever since I learned enough about the human psychology and urges. And now, an evolutionary evidence of aggressivity developing within the hominins is just another: 'ah, that so makes sense.'

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