05 May 2014

Those wee gray cells

Last week there were a couple research results published about the brain that really can help in increasing the creativity, problem solving abilities, and general success later in life.
Thanks to ZME Science

First study comes from Stanford. And it is the one that is almost stating the obvious. Study found that walking increases creativity for average 60%, a quite significant amount.  In the article, they mention this century businessmen like an example. But the fact is that walking was used as a help for cognitive activities since Aristotle, an ancient Greek philosopher. And walks were used in that respect  all through our history. Many intellectual giants used to walk at least once or twice per day. That's why I'm saying this result is in a way saying the obvious.

The other study showed that students who live or study abroad  gain additional skills that help them later in problem solving and career success.
I've been, and I still am in this situation. This is the 4th country I'm living in. And yes, that had and still has influence on me. Just seeing how those everyday tasks and challenges are handled somewhere else increases your awareness that there are other options for anything. For instance, the way one makes friends is different in every country I lived. Starting with the way you meet the people and then how you further develop a relationship. Every society has its own 'unwriten' rules about how to do it. And applying the 'rules' from other country usually causes troubles.
All those differences helped me to learn first a lot about myself, and also to learn how different societies solved same issues on the different ways. Even just watching the different style of houses in 'Old world' helps in learning how those styles were moulded by the local climate (One cannot see that architecture quirk in US; seems like majority people there prefer to have high energy bills).
Anyway, if you have an opportunity go and live abroad for half a year at least. Visiting  will not help. Touristy places all over the planet are morphed into something very similar, something that in essence barely gives you the impression you're arrived somewhere else, and definitely touristy places cannot give you that taste of a different way of living. You actually have to go and try to live there, try to solve those pesky everyday problems.

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