01 May 2014


Minuscule particles, the smallest actually, the particles that barely interact with anything, those are neutrinos.
An example of the data taken by the particle accelerator
CERN. The lines, and star-like figures are signatures of
the particle reactions. More than half of data  collected
through the particle accelerator is ignored. There is just
too much of it. 
For years, they caused a split in the scientific community, the split that involved the Sun.
The Sun generates energy through the nuclear processes in its interior. And those nuclear processes produce a certain amount of the neutrinos. But here on Earth we could not detect enough of the solar neutrinos of appropriate flavor. So Astrophysicists started to claim that something happens to neutrinos on the way out from the solar interior. And Particle Physicists started to claim that Astrophysicists did not do their calculations properly and that Sun is older than it is. This quarrel lasted for a long time. And then Particle Physicists discovered that neutrinos can change.  The whole incident did not cause hard feeling, because that is how science works. Every claim and statement are not accepted until there is a several firm and reliable results which are obtained with the different methods.

And now neutrinos are doing it again. There are still few things unexplained about them, the things that might lead to a new scientific breakthrough if someone explains them. A very nice article about those unexplained things you can find in Arc Technica.

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