26 April 2014


Last week there were two quite big events in life of Internet.
First one is bad news, FCC decided to allow for the fast lane's rule. To me, since I live in US, that means, no more cool startups here. And internet that will turn to be as awful as the cable TV is. Especially, cable TV is dreadful, you can get only certain programs at the certain times. Oh, there is something called 'On Demand', but you cannot fast-forward through the ads. And ads are incredible, sometimes I think that a program interrupts ads, not vice versa.
Curtesy of Bret-Blog
And across US there are places where it is illegal for communities to develop their own internet providers. So we're stuck with big companies who are not capable of adjusting their business model to a new media. Why are they protected? Why are we protecting someone who cannot figure out the necessary change to adapt to the reality? I thought US was a country where good business practices and free market were respected.
Internet like that would be simply dreadful. I guess, when this rule is introduced I will switch to the lowest speed available. I do not see the point of the high-speeds on such Internet. Content I look there is usually from small companies, the ones that will not be able to pay fast lane. And anyone in US would be stuck with those companies. I just hope now that Google starts seriously developing that super-fast internet city network.

Great news is amazing Brazil law about internet. That move really gives me hope for the future. This means there will be progress on the internet domain, just not in US anymore. I wonder, how long it would take for lawmakers in US to realize that they are about to lose the competition?

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