23 April 2014

Dangers to our world

Recently, there was several stories about the dangers to our world, our civilization, our very survival.
One of those dangers is actually confirmed: asteroids. You can find an interesting interview  with the astronaut about this topic at Wired. And also, there is this infamous Apophis asteroid. In the best case scenario that one will provide us with nice sky show. You can see that asteroid in the image.

Second, more serious scare is of course connected with Global warming and Climate change. That is the one reason which makes me really frustrated when I think about all those people who simply choose not to look outside and accept the facts. Here is an interesting article about that in  OpenED News.
Yes, I know that the subject is controversial, but I live in California, I see drought. I see how warm winter was here, and in EU where rest of my family lives, I see how spring comes way earlier than before.
Areas in which my parents were playing in the snow for a whole winter, now barely get some. I am used to winters with little or no snow at all. I am used to flood of insects who now survive the mild winters. But it will get worse, because we are not doing anything to stop it. We are not doing anything to be responsible and actually reduce our own pollution and leave a habitable planet to the next generations. Why?

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