28 April 2014

Automatic cars

This morning Google posted update about its automatic car development in their blog.
I'm looking forward to the development of automated cars and actually the time when such cars would be norm on the streets.
There are two reasons why I support this:
1. Commuting
2. Accident avoidance
Thanks to Google

Let me talk firs about first, I live in greater LA area and commuting here is a huge waste of time. If you're lucky you need to spent on the commute just two hours a day in the car, one hour in each direction. Public traffic is badly projected so for the same distance you need to double that time, again in the best case scenario. That means in theory, that, on daily bases, you waste several hours of your day. To drive safely, you cannot multitask while you drive, you just sit in the overcrowded traffic, staring at the cars around you. And on LA highways, it is mostly one person per car. I'm not overreacting, just one person per car! Compare that with commuting in Europe. Public transport is set in such a way that is faster to use that public transport than to use a car. And since you do not drive, you can do stuff inside the vehicle. You can start working if you wish, you can catch up on that book you always wished to read, or you can sleep. Anything. Moreover, you can get out from the transport earlier, a station or two before and walk, getting your daily doses of low intensity exercises; way, way more practical than committing in car.

Second reason, an accident avoidance, has to do with the personal experience. In last four years, I had two accidents where I was hit by the car behind me. When I remember the second accident, I still wonder how I survived. Driver behind me fell asleep behind the wheel, and did not slow down when we reached a construction site. I was launched over the tree tops into the ravine.
The other accident I had because driver behind me was too wrapped up in his emotions. He wished to drive over the speed limit, and drove so close to me, that most of the time, all  I could see were lights from his jacked-up pickup. He was infuriated with something, plainly visible in those rare moments when I was actually able to see his face in my mirrors. What caused that anger, I do not know, he had a passenger, and he was so consumed with that anger that he did not pay attention to the road. So when a dog run on the street in front of me and I stopped my vehicle, an emotional driver behind me could not stop in time and wrecked my car.
Moreover, driving through LA in the night, when night clubs close down, you can see loads of drivers acting crazy, as one who stopped in far left lane to vomit. Not to mention that, in greater LA area, drivers under influence are normal, everyday issue in any time of the day. Humans are really easily distracted.

All danger caused by distracted drivers, intoxicated drivers, or plainly emotional drivers can be avoided with the cars like the one Google is developing. It does not matter what's human like inside, or what a person does, car would arrive at its destination safely, not killing anyone.

So from me, one big HUZZAH for the development of the Google car. Keep up the good work!

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