28 April 2014

Art competition!

Kepler mision started a competition:
An example of the art.

Are you a space artist? An astronomer? Or a student interested in astronomy and our fascinating galaxy? You are cordially invited to create art that illustrates what the hundreds of newly discovered exoplanets (planets outside our solar system)might look like. Or your might create an image that captures other aspects of the Kepler Mission, such as how the spacecraft looks from the Earth as it orbits the Sun and captures the light emitted by these other stars. Middle school students through adults are invited to submit images of these other Kepler worlds. Art of Discovery aims to bring people's creative ideas to this question: What do the exoplanets look like that the Kepler Mission has discovered? And what other subjects has the Kepler Mission inspired artistically? All submitted images of artwork will be acknowledged, and The Top 100 will be displayed in the Gallery of the Art of Discovery website. These will be selected by a combination of the number of popular votes AND scores from a distinguished panel of judges.

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