19 September 2013

Why I write this

I'm introvert, and recently I read a book about how succeed as an introvert. One of the advices is to start writing the blog. So, here is my attempt.

* First, I think blogs should be useful, and not just rants of average humans.
* Second, since I moved in US I'm more and more appalled by the attitude of people towards science. At first, when it seemed that my stay here is temporarily I did not care. But now, when I know that I'll stay I got worried.  Science is base ingredient of society progress. The moment when society stops investing in science that society starts its decline. And in US religious fanaticism of minority is dragging down the whole society. Unacceptable, especially for the country where I'm ended up living.

So I decided to show how science is fun, how science is something that teach us how things works, that science is something that answers the questions.
This blog will be dedicated to that purpose. More voices there are for science, more effective the knowledge and reason will become.

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